One Trick I Learned To Keep My Computer Safe

In baggage claim getting my checked bag and trying to get my things together. This is in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Ok, so you may be wondering why there is a picture of me with my computer between my legs. I’ll explain.


Last year I got my computer stolen. Well, in truth I left it on a seat in the airport and when I went back to get it, surprise surprise, it wasn’t there. I was crushed because I had 10,000 pictures on it that I thought had been backed up but hadn’t been. Ugh. Seriously, I was in tears. On top of that  it was an expensive computer that was a gift from my mom so I was doubly upset cause I had managed to lose something my mother bought for me. See, even seasoned travelers make stupid mistakes so don’t feel bad when you do. So, since then I have learned to do this when I am traveling with my computer (which is all the time).

 I normally have my computer in my carry-on bag or a big purse but in the pic above I only had a small purse and a checked bag (yes, I had to check my bag! But I’ll explain why in another post).  And since I would absolutely NEVER check my bag with my computer inside, I keep my computer with me. So, when I am in the terminal or any public place trying to get my things together, I now put my computer between my legs so that I won’t forget it. I don’t lay it on the seat, or on the floor, or anywhere else I could accidentally leave it. Since I won’t start walking with the computer between my legs it’s a way I have found to keep my computer safe when I am trying to get organized.

What do you think? Does that make sense to you?

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  1. Yes, I think we all have little tricks that help us remember things. I always now travel with a bag big enough for my laptop, because i almost always bring it with me.

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