Multnomah Falls

by Roni

Have you heard of Multnomah Falls? It’s not far from Portland, Oregon and if you are ever in Portland it’s worth the 30 minute drive to see this wondrous waterfall. When I took these pictures the waterfall wasn’t very heavy, but there is water flowing from it all year around. The water comes from rain, a spring that runs under it from Larch mountain and snow melting from the mountains.

Day trip outside of Portland, Oregon

There are two falls and a trail that is a little over a mile long and will take you to the top of the highest fall which is more than 500 feet high with the lower one being about 70 feet high.

Tourist attractions around Portland

There is a bridge you can walk on which will give you a lovely view of both falls. I don’t have pictures from that angle as I was always working when I was here so I couldn’t take the time to take as many pictures as I wanted.

Tourist attractions in Oregon

Here is something most people don’t know…if you go into the office (you know, where you can get tons of information) there is a picture behind the desk of a group of people standing on the bridge getting soaked. If I’m not mistaken I think it was a bridal party and a boulder from the falls dropped into the water and drenched them. It’s a really cool picture, check it out if you visit.

Fun things to see in Portland

There is a gift store, a place to get something to eat, and plenty of walking room to take in the beauty of Multnomah Falls. There is an Indian legend behind how these falls were created. Apparently there was a beautiful Indian princess who captured the attention of a handsome Indian man. The young man was trying to woo her and he kept doing all the tradition things that men would do but to no avail. He finally went to the father and asked what he could do to win his daughter’s heart. The father told him, “She wants a place to bathe in private.” So the young man built these falls for her and presented them to her. She was so happy that he took the time to do this for her and she fell in love with him. And if you go to the Falls, you will see that they aren’t visible when you first look at the area, you have to get closer to them in order to see them correctly so she was able to bathe in complete privacy for the rest of her life.


Are waterfalls interesting to you? Does this look like something you would like to visit?


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