Muir Woods

Do you know about Muir Woods? It’s a lovely National Monument about 20 minutes from San Francisco, California. If you have never been it is definitely worth going because the trees and nature you will find there are so peaceful and serene, even with all the tourists that are on the paths with you.

If you travel to Muir Woods, more than likely it will be more crowded in summer so keep that in mind.

I have gone to Muir Woods as a Tour Manager and I have gone with my family in our car, and I prefer going with my own transportation so I can be in control of when I leave or not. However, if you don’t have access to a car then you can book a tour from your hotel or you can find a tour online.

If you go on your own it will cost you 7 dollars to enter, but if you take a tour you will pay  more than four times that price because you have to pay for the shuttle van, gas, and guide. If you take a tour you will get commentary on your way to Muir Woods which is usually interesting.

There is a cafe and a gift shop so you can eat at your leisure and shop if the mood strikes you.

Muir Woods is one of those places that automatically calm you down. As you walk around taking in all the varying shades of green, you just want to soak in as much of the natural goodness as you can.

And if you’re fortunate, you can get a glimpse of Bambi (total side note, did you know I refuse to watch Bambi again since I was traumatized by that movie when I was a little girl?).

Does this seem like a place you would want to visit? Are there any National Monuments you enjoy?


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