Moscow Metro – Part 2

Moscow Metro

Have you been to Moscow? In all seriousness, they have the prettiest metro stations I have ever seen and I still can’t believe how immaculate and lovely every station was. There are several different stations pictured below and this is the second of several posts where I will show you the beauty of the Moscow Metro. Did you see part 1?  There really isn’t much to say because I think the pictures speak for themselves. I have so many more pictures to share with you!

moscow metro

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro

Have you ever been to Moscow? Is it someplace you have thought about visiting?

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  1. This is the train STATION?? Oh my god… So gorgeous. Moscow has never even crossed my mind as a possible travel destination but this is gorgeous…Hmmm… LOL

    1. I know, right? We spent several hours in the metro, just marveling at the beauty of each one. Thanks for stopping by!

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