Massages In Accra, Ghana

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Don’t you just love massages? I do and I was pleased to find out there are several places to get great massages in Accra, Ghana. We (my mom and I) made our way to Allure for foot massages. We didn’t have an appointment so we had to wait about 30 minutes which passed very quickly and then we were headed for bliss.

Check out those palm trees! They are all around the city.


The next three pics are of the waiting room, don’t you love the purple?

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That is my mom’s therapist, she was very nice and my mother was extremely happy with her massage. We were in the same chairs as you sit in when you get a deluxe pedicure, so we had the massage chairs going while we got our feet and legs rubbed.

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They wrapped our feet in hot towels after they had massaged them for a little while. The towels felt great.  And you can’t get mad at seeing a big screen TV in front of you (even though it was football, I’m totally not into that sport).

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 The service was good, the ambiance was lovely and the people were friendly. For just walking in off the street I can’t complain at all about anything.  They have a wide array of services such as deep tissue massage, swedish massage, hot stone massage, and reflexology, just to name a few. If you are in Accra and want to be pampered, why not try this place?

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Do you like getting your feet rubbed? 



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  1. Very interesting post. I’ve never been to Africa, and I’m always surprised how different people’s experiences are to my uninformed guesses of what it must be like.

    1. Thanks! I think most of our thoughts about Africa are wrong, the media has done a great job of painting the country with one broad brush that doesn’t tell the whole story. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh My Word… My Dream Come True! Massages in Ghana! Going there soon and I really love my massages… Yes, Yes & Yes!!! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  3. Hello,

    This is Charles Smith. I am from the United States. I am thinking about visiting Accra, Ghana in the Fall. How much does it cost to get a deep tissue massage?


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