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giving coffee as a gift


Giving coffee as a gift is a great choice!

Have you ever gone on vacation and told people you would bring gifts back then have no idea what to bring them? You don’t want to get them another key chain or a refrigerator magnet, and nothing else is really standing out to you so you spend lots of time trying to figure out what in the world to buy for this person. Have you ever thought about giving coffee as a gift?

Coffee is one of those things that most people like to drink, and getting a pack or two of coffee from a foreign country is always a treat. It’s something you can find in any grocery store in any city you travel to (I haven’t had any trouble finding coffee in any country I’ve visited) and anyone that I have brought back a pack of coffee for has always been very appreciative and happy.

Gifts for coffee lovers

The picture below is of two packs of coffee I got from Paris. They were very inexpensive, maybe 3 dollars a piece and very easy to pack. That’s another great thing about bringing coffee back in your suitcase or carry-on, you can always find a place for it, it doesn’t take much room, and coffee is allowed through security (if you are only taking a carry-on bag this is crucial).

giving coffee as a gift

I also got this bag from Paris but I wanted to show you that you can buy several different bags of coffee and they each can look completely different, so if you are bringing coffee back for the same group of friends or family, they can each get the same thing but in a completely different package.

giving coffee as a gift

 This picture below is of a bag of coffee I bought while I was in Russia. Most people have never seen a bag of coffee with Russian writing, and it’s always a treat (at least it is to me, am I alone here?) to see an everyday item in a different language.

giving coffee as a gift

Case in point, I recently gave a bag of French coffee (I usually have several bags of foreign coffee in my pantry) to a friend of mine because she and her husband did a very nice thing for me. They were very happy with the coffee, especially with all the French writing on the bag. She said (imagine this is a very slow,  gentile southern accent), “Roni, I just love this cawfee, I am so lookin’ forward to drinkin’ this. But can you tell me how do I prepare it cause I’m tryin to read the label but I don’t read French!”

So we laughed about that for a while and I explained how I prepare it and all was well. I think most people will be very happy with coffee and thrilled with the fact that you gave them something from another country. I hope you try it and if you do, please let me know!

Have you found any gifts that aren’t typically used as gifts?


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