Lunch And Sun In Cannes, France

While I was in Nice, France a couple of weeks ago my friends and I wanted to take a day trip so I looked through my DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Top 10 Provence and the Cote d’Azure and circled a few places I thought were interesting. My friend above (she had never been to France before)  looked through the pages I had highlighted and she decided on Cannes so we took a day trip to Cannes. As I have written before, I really love DK Eyewitness Travel Guides and I use them as often as possible. I love the way they present information in such an appealing way. Have you used one yet?

 It was easy to get to Cannes and you wouldn’t believe how cheap! We took the #200 bus that we caught on Promenade des Anglais for…wait for it…1 Euro! Yep, you read correctly, just 1 little Euro. It took over an hour but the bus was air conditioned and we had a crazy ride home so it was well worth the time. We walked around for a while and ended up eating at a restaurant with this as our view:

I like to eat at restaurants that don’t cater to tourists. This restaurant changes the specials everyday because they write them on the chalkboard and the board is usually out front. This is typical of many restaurants in France and I have found the meals to be  more authentic than a restaurant that has an “English Spoken Here” sign in the window. If you see that sign…run as fast as you can the other way.


I’ll never forget the first time I ate melon and ham together. It was when I was living in Barcelona, Spain and I was invited to eat lunch at someone’s home. I had never even heard of eating these two things together so I was shocked when I saw it on my plate and I was a bit grossed out. But since I was a guest I tried it and I loved it! Now it’s one of my favorites. Have you ever had it? Oh my goodness it’s so stinkin’ good.


When I read the specials the “Tartare de Thon a la mangue” sounded really different to me as I have never eaten tuna and mango together but since I love the way the French combine their flavors, I figured, why not try it? Here it is below:

Does it look good to you? It was scrumptious. I had never had that combination of flavors in my mouth before but I was really happy I tried it. It was the perfect dish on a hot summer day because it was light yet filling. And how perfect to eat a lovely appetizer while looking at the ocean.


The next time I go to The French Riviera I want to rent a car so I can explore some of the small towns in the region but it was lovely walking around Cannes with my friends.  Have you ever been to Cannes? What did you think?

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