Korean Friendship Bell, San Pedro

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Have you heard of the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro? Up until a few days ago I thought San Pedro was an actual city but it’s technically Los Angeles. There is no mayor of San Pedro but everyone thinks of it as being totally separate.

Anyway, there is a wonderful spot at the top of Angels Gate Park with spectacular views. The area is dedicated to the Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion and it’s one of those things that I have seen before but never really visit.

When I was in Los Angeles last week I decided to take the long way home and stop by some of the tourist attractions that I never visit and this one was at the top of my list. I probably hadn’t been here for a good 20 years, isn’t that crazy!

If you are in the area it’s worth the trip as the views are amazing and since it’s almost always sunny in Los Angeles, you will probably have great weather and it’s one of those tourist attractions that isn’t constantly bombarded by tourists, even though it’s an incredible structure.

Be mindful that is is very windy at the top of this hill so if you visit be sure to bring a sweater, even if the sun is shining.

korean friendship bell san pedro

korean friendship bell san pedro

korean friendship bell san pedro

korean friendship bell san pedro

Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion
3601 S Gaffey Street
San Pedro , CA 90731


Is there a tourist attraction in your city that you very rarely visit?


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  1. We’re planning our 25th anniversary trip to California and this might be a good place to stop on our San Diego, CA to Oregon 3 week trek. I had a Korean roommate in college and learned to love the food. The park looks like a lovely place to viist.

  2. WOW! this is really cool looking! I live in Las Vegas, but we rarely go to the strip, it just isn’t worth the hassle or worth dealing with all the tourists!
    I like the layout of your blog! #SITSblogging

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