Incredible Ambience Inside A Plane In Accra, Ghana

Check out that tan!

Have you even been inside an airplane that was a restaurant? I hadn’t either until I ate dinner at La Tante DC 10 in Accra, Ghana. It was one of the coolest things I have seen and I hope it isn’t the last time I get to eat inside of an airplane restaurant!

I don’t have much to say about the food as it wasn’t exactly the best meal I have ever had but they get huge cool points for being such a fabulous place. I would recommend getting a drink here while enjoying the ambiance then go somewhere else for dinner.

I took these pics with my cell phone because I was Queen Dork that night and totally forgot my camera at the hotel.

Image 20

Image 1

That’s me and my mom. Isn’t she lovely?

Image 22

Image 19

Image 18

I LOVE the purse I was carrying that night. It was handmade for me by Julian of Moruka Designs which was a perfect bag for traveling. Big enough to hold the essentials yet small enough where it wasn’t a pain to carry.


This sign was at the entrance of the restaurant after we walked up a long flight of stairs, pretty funny, don’t you think? I don’t think I was indecent, how about you?

 Necklace and shoes (no link for the shoes, those are sold out) by Payless.

Image 23

Image 2

Did you know something like this existed? Would you have expected it in Ghana?

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  1. Roni I’m glad you love your clutch!
    I’ve never heard of an airplane restaurant but I would love to dine in one. I’m not surprised it is in Ghana, I’m just surprised it actually exists. lol

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