I Live In North Carolina, Is There A Cat Cafe Near Me?

by Roni

Have you heard of a cat cafe? If not, you aren’t alone! It’s a relatively new concept that is becoming more popular, and it’s a dream for those who love and adore cats! Depending on where you live, you can easily get to one of these cat havens and get you cuddle on! Ok, but what exactly is a cat cafe? And are you wondering, ‘is there is a cat cafe near me?’

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What Is A Cat Cafe?

Did you know they now have cafes for cat lovers? Yep! There are cafes where you can choose to either have something to drink and a bit to eat and interact with cats, or you can simply go specifically for cuddly interaction.

Basically a cat cafe is a place for cat lovers to hang out and watch and sometimes play with cats. The cats are the queens and kings, meaning they usually have full run of the space. Each cafe is different, but the basic premise is you pay a fee in exchange for interacting with cats.

Since I am allergic to cats and would literally end up in the emergency room if I went to one of these cat cafes, I relied on my friend Valerie to give us the deets of cat cafes. She has been to all of these and has the inside knowledge you need to make your visit the best it can be.

cat cafes near me

Are There Cat Cafes Near Me?

If you live in Charlotte, then yes. You have at least two cafes to choose from. Daily Mews Charlotte and Mac Tabby Cafe are your two options. They both

Are you near Chapel Hill? Make sure to visit Cat Tales Cafe 

If you’re near Greensboro/Winston-Salem the Crooked Tail Cafe 

Do you live near Kernsville? Waffles and Whiskersis where you want to go.

If Raleigh is where you are, then Purr Cup Cafe is the spot nearest you.

What’s It Like To Visit a Cat Cafe?

Earlier I mentioned my friend Valerie has been to several cat cafes. One in South Carolina, two in Ohio and three in North Carolina.  Check out her IG!

2. What makes a cat cafe stand out for you? 
I like it when a cafe has an inviting atmosphere from the staff when I arrive, it needs to be super clean and the lounge area needs to be appealing.

3. There are 2 cat cafes here in Charlotte, which is your favorite and why?

Daily Mews Cat Cafe (which is who I adopted from) is my favorite here in Charlotte. They were very friendly and made me feel extremely welcomed with I arrived. I also noticed and they were attentive to the other customers and to the cats throughout my visit.

One of the staff is usually in the lounge to give you any information that you would like to know about each cats personality, to answer questions about adoption, and to make sure that you are enjoying your visit.

cat cafes near me

4. Do you recommend wearing a certain type of clothing?

Any clothing would be fine. Maybe not dark colors due to showing cat hair more. Although, most cafes will have lint brushes available to get any cat hair off of you once your hour is up. Even a dress or skirt would be ok, as you can sit on the floor with cats but there is also a good amount of chairs, sofas, etc. to sit on as well.

I have been to one cafe that wanted you to take your shoes off once entering the lounge. They also provide little socks in case you didn’t have any on once you took your shoes off. It was not mandatory but highly suggested.

5. You told me the one in Chapel Hill is your favorite, why? 

Out of all the cafes I’ve been to, Cat Tales Cat Cafe in Chapel Hill, NC is my favorite. The co-owner went above and beyond, and customer service was wonderful. She was extremely friendly, chatty, and welcoming.

The cafe set up is very cute, organized, clean, and tidy. All the cats seemed to love it there. There were lots of windows for the cats to look out of, and the gift shop had a full variety of different things to buy such as toys, cat nip, clothing, books, magnets, pens, stickers, mugs, and even locally made face masks. I will definitely go back to this one!

Not to mention the whole area of downtown Chapel Hill is great. There is plenty of public parking, restaurants, breweries and even a ice cream shop. It’s very easy and safe to walk around the area, and it’s definitely a place you’d want to spend the afternoon.

So what do you think? Is a cat cafe something you’d enjoy visiting? 

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