How To Pack Cables And Chargers

I snapped these pictures as I was stacking these checked bags in the cart. Do you see those cords? Those are in the side pocket of her bag and do not belong there. Those cords should have been inside of her checked bag or better yet, they should have been in her carry-on bag or her purse. By having these cords in the side pocket this passenger is taking a chance that these cords will be lost or damaged.

This bag is stacked between so many other bags which means that zipper can easily be opened. It can also be opened when it is tossed from cart to cart. And think about this, what happens if this bag doesn’t make it to the final destination? It seemed as if these were the cords to her phone and computer. She could possible land in her final destination and not be able to charge her phone or her computer.  You don’t have to buy a special container for your cords if you don’t want to. I’m partial to packing cubes and they have them in all sizes so that is an option. Of you could get a plastic baggy, put your cords in that then put the bag in your carry-on or your purse.

The zipper was opened a bit but I closed it so hopefully this girl got her bag with all the contents on the side. But there is absolutely no reason these cords should be loose like this. If you are traveling and checking a bag, please do not do this.

Do you put your cords in your checked bags? Have you ever gotten your cords or cables damaged while flying?

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