You Can Live Globally Even If You Can't Leave The Country

Several people have told me that they don’t venture too far from their neighborhoods because everything they need is within a few miles of their home so why would they wander to the other side of their town?  Are you one of those that like to stay within the comfort of your familiar surroundings? There is nothing wrong with that, but I’m offering a different view, one that can maybe help you to have a different perspective.

Unless you live in a small town where you don’t have many options, why would you limit yourself to staying in one side of town? I am not asking that in a snarky way, just posing a question. When I lived in Paris my Parisian friends were always amazed that I knew the city so well. I would tell native Parisians about restaurants and cool places, because I made it a point to get out and explore, never settling for what was in my immediate range. That curiosity has stayed with me and now living in Charlotte I feel the same way.

While Charlotte can’t complete with Paris with what it has to offer, there are many restaurants, hangout spots, parks, museums, etc. within this lovely city I call home to keep anyone occupied. I understand wanting to only go to the grocery store around you, it’s closer and most of us are busy and don’t have tons of time. But if you are going to the movies, why settle for the one right in your neighborhood? Don’t you ever want to see what other theaters are like? If you have a park you normally go to, why not look for a park on the other side of town? If you are someone who enjoys eating out, can’t you go to a restaurant that you have never heard of instead of going to the same place all the time?

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying you are bad if you want to stick with what’s familiar. I go to Paris a few times a year and there is a restaurant I always go to because I absolutely love the duck and haven’t ordered anything else from there in 13 years so I get the familiar. But I also go to other restaurants while I’m there. What is wrong with doing something different from time to time, something that will take you out of your comfort zone?

Even though I am now living stateside I still feel like I live a global life in Charlotte and this has nothing to do with the fact that I often travel internationally. I have friends of different races, I go to restaurants that serve food I’m not familiar with, I go out of my way to find places that are on the opposite side of town so I can explore. It’s not the same as going to a different country but it helps me to feel like I live in all of Charlotte, not just my one corner of it.



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