How To Be Respectful When Traveling


When we go to different countries we have to be very careful of the way we represent ourselves. I took these pictures in Morocco a few weeks ago because I wanted to use them as an example of what we shouldn’t do when we visit a different country. Morocco is a Muslim country and they were celebrating Ramadan.

Ramadan is a very holy time for Muslims so it is extremely imperative to be respectful of their culture. I am not Muslim. I do not worship Allah or read the Quran. However, I try my best to respect the customs of the country I am visiting, even if I don’t agree with them.

My agreement isn’t necessary to implement respect. I am not sure if these women and the few other women I saw like them were even aware of their disrespectful behavior but wearing very short shorts and skirts in a country where women are covered up from head to toe is not a good look.  Here are a few things you can do to find out what is acceptable in the country you are visiting:

  1. Search to find out what the customs are in the country you are visiting

  2. Contact the tourism board of the country you’re going to visit and find out the dress code, if any.

  3. If possible ask any friends, acquaintances or co-workers from the country you’re visiting about the customs.


We are all free to do wear what we want when we travel, but please just give some thought to those around you and the culture you will be in before you start packing your bags.


What do you think? Do you take in the customs of the country you’re visiting or do you think it’s not important? 

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  1. I definitely agree. When I planned on going to Egypt, I was looking up how I could be respectful because other countries aren’t like the US. Its important to be respectful of other religions and cultures no matter what your culture is!

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