Have You Ever Been Alone In The London Underground?

As you know I get a kick out of public transportation. It really makes me happy to be on any type of bus, train, subway, etc. I just love the idea that I can get to where I need to go and I don’t have to drive.

I took these pictures when I was in the London Underground and I thought it was pretty cool that I was alone because the underground, or The Tube, as they call it, is almost always packed. I have been to London several times and have never seen the halls and escalators so empty. Plus, it was the middle of the day. Crazy, right?

I was just happily walking, going down one escalator and up another, totally in awe of the fact that I’m alone in this massive station and then I thought, “Wait. This is how horror movies start.” and of course I started to scare myself (which isn’t hard to do. I’m pretty scary to be such a travel freak).

So I literally started running to the exit because of course I have invented all of these totally unlikely scenarios in my head. For instance, what would happen if someone showed up in one of those mascot costumes?  I. Would. Die. You know how I feel about those (If not, click this link and read all about it). So I put my camera away and started running. But I did get a few before I ran out.

Would you have been scared?

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  1. This experience seems surreal. It would seem like that scene from Vanilla Sky. I think I may have liked being all by myself in a place like that. It’s like you’re having an experience so few people have had. That’s just my take.

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