Have You Crossed This Road Yet?

Do you have any idea what street I’m standing on? I’ll give you a hint…The Beatles took a picture here.

I’m not a big Beatles fan but it was cool to walk down the same street that they walked.  Abbey Road is just a normal street in a very normal part of town. The Beatles made it famous and now it’s a huge tourist attraction. When I was there I saw many people walking across the road trying to re-inact that now iconic Beatles album cover.

If you’re going to visit Abbey Road, take the tube (what they call the metro) and get off at St. John’s Wood then ask for directions from there.

Maybe I expected a little more fanfare. I mean, this is a ridiculously famous street! Seems like there should have been a big monument to the Beatles are something, but I’m glad I got to see it.

What about you, have you been there? Is there any destination on an album cover that you would love to visit?


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