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Seafood in San Francisco

San Francisco (or, “The City” as the locals call it) is filled with marvelous restaurants. Seafood in The City is particularly lush and there are no shortage of eateries. While dining at The Water Bar in San Francisco is a wonderful choice for culinary excellence.

 If you are driving while exploring the area, be aware that valet is $15 and you have to pay it in advance. You can try and find a place to park but that would be futile, parking is hard to find and it’s expensive so just pay the valet and be done with it. Mind you, these pics are from a few years ago but the restaurant is still as fabulous now as it was then. Their attention to details, their varied menus, and high standards make this a wonderful choice for your dining pleasure.

Look at that lobster roll. It was so good my mouth was doing a happy dance every time I chewed.

Places to eat in San Francisco

Places to eat in San Francisco  You can eat on the patio if you’d like. We wanted to but there was a wait and we were hungry so we went inside.

Places to eat in San Francisco  Have you eaten in a place that has a palm tree inside?

Places to eat in San Francisco

What would lunch be without an aquarium filled with fish?

Restaurants in San Francisco

Places to eat in San Francisco

This meal was so good I had to show you another pic. And I had the nerve to use ALL of my melter butter on my lobster roll. And no, I didn’t feel guilty because my tastebuds thanked me.

Restaurants in San Francisco

This is a flourless chocolate cake. Does it look delish? It was. Just decadent.

Restaurants in San Francisco

This looks like ice cream, doesn’t it? It was whipped cream made in the restaurant and it was as good as it looks.

Restaurants in San Francisco

If you are traveling to San Francisco, I don’t think you will be disappointed if you dine at The Waterbar. You get a great view inside and out and the food will make your afternoon complete.


399 The Embarcadero,
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 415.284.9922


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  1. It was so great to meet you at BBC Roni! I’ve been to Waterbar in SF and it was as delicious as you describe. There are so many seafood restaurants I love in SF Anchor & Hope and Salt Bar are also fabulous ones I’ve been to more than once 😉 Fabulous blog!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! BBC was great, so many interesting women like you that I never would have gotten to meet. I will be going back to Waterbar, I loved everything about it!


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