How To Take The Train From CDG To Paris



 Taking The Train From CDG To Paris

If you are traveling into CDG airport and want to go to Paris on public transport, here is one way to get into the city using RER. RER is the regional train and it can take you right into the heart of the city. However, it isn’t super easy to find if you aren’t familiar with the airport layout so I’m giving you a photographic map of how to get to the office and on the train.

After collecting your bags and you exit  through the doors, you will see big signs everywhere. You are looking for the one that has RER in a circle written on it. You continue to follow all of the signs that say RER for a good 20 minutes.

If you have bags I’d suggest getting a buggy/trolley as they are free and that will help you greatly as you walk. There will also probably be lots of people so be careful as you navigate your way through the maze of people.

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About half way down I looked over and saw this amazing sunrise. I had to stop and just look out of the window for a few minutes!




After a bit more walking you will see RER Paris By Train, this is the direction you want to go. You can leave your buggy/trolley there at the top and then take the escalator downstairs. You are not allowed to take your trolley downstairs, there are barriers around the escalators preventing you from doing that.


Once you go downstairs look to your right and you will see this office. It is in here where you buy your ticket for RER. As of this blog post the ticket was a little more than 9 Euro which is very economical. Plus, you will more than likely get a seat as you will be catching the train at its origin.


In order to get to the center of Paris you must wait on either of these track numbers. If you get on any other train, you will not end up in Paris.


And that’s it! Just remember you have to walk quite a bit in order to get to the train but if walking is not your thing then you can stop and rest along the way. There are restaurants along the pathway so you stop and get a quick coffee or a little treat to eat if you’d like.

When you arrive in a new city, how do you normally get from the airport? 

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  1. This I is helpful! Thanks for all the great pics!
    Traveling in from the states and needing to go through customs, how long would you allow from the time you land to the time the RER leaves? Catching a TGV from Gare de Lyon, so need to make sure we allow enough time.

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