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I absolutely love it when I find great deals for travel products and I get to pass on what I’ve learned to you. Have you been to Fred Segal? If you’re in the L.A. area, you can get a fabulous deal on some top of the line Fred Segal beauty products.

The store is called New Beauty and it’s located in Fred Segal in Santa Monica.  It’s a simple concept and such a great deal! You pick a tube, then pick one sample from the first group then five samples from the second group, grab your New Beauty Magazine and pay $30 for your tube.

Each item is under 3.4 ounces which is perfect for traveling, so much so that I got two tubes!

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I got my tubes a few days ago and while I love everything I have tried, I am CRAZY about the 24 Karat gold serum. I have never used anything on my face with 24 karat gold in it and the serum is lush.

 The serum is normally around $80 so the fact that I get the serum plus all of the other lovely products is such a bonus. The products change every month to six weeks so you can try several different ones.  Don’t you agree that for $30 this is a wonderful way to try products? And the fact that they can all travel with me in my toiletry bag inside of my carry-on bag is such a plus.


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Do these beauty travel products sound like something you would be interested in? 

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