What Do You Do When You Forget Essentials While Traveling?

As much as I travel, I still make mistakes and don’t think of everything.  So what mistake did I make when I went to Ghana?  I left my house and forgot a few essentials items that I just knew I had with me!  Everything for my hair (which when you wear your hair natural can be A LOT) and I didn’t bring any chamomile tea and honey in case I had jet lag which I hardly ever do

but this trip I did and it was NOT fun.

For my hair I vacillate between 4 or 5 different products. I really like Shea Radiance products, they work very well for my curly hair.  I had painstakingly put them in the little travel jars I get from Target but somehow I managed to walk out of my house and forget them

seriously, I don’t see how I did that but hey, it happens.

So since I forgot a few things, I had to run to the store. Inevitably there are going to be things you either need to pick up because you forgot or because you run out of. Either way, this is one of the reasons I don’t believe you should be on such a strict budget that you don’t have any wiggle room for extras.

I’m showing you the store I went to because I don’t think most people think of a big grocery store when they think of Ghana. However, Shoprite is huge and not the image of food that we normally get to see from Africa.

When I walked into the store I was told not to take pictures so I put my camera away…then took out my cell phone! So these pictures were all taken on the sly.

Image 5

Image 3

Image 8

Image 1

Image 6

Image 13

When you get your fruits and vegetables you have to take it to this young man and he bags and weighs them for you.

Image 14

Have you ever seen an aisle with nothing but Black babies on the diapers?

Image 10

I was going to crop these next pics so you couldn’t see the shopping cart but then I thought it was good to keep it the way they are so you can see what a stalker I am sometimes. Since I was told not to take pictures I had to be slick. I was walking around the store pushing my cart with one hand and slyly trying to take pictures with the other.

Image 11

Image 12

Image 15


Image 16

Did you expect to see a big grocery store like this in Ghana? 


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  1. That must have been THE worst! No hair products!?!? I’m glad you were able to work
    It out. I’m lost as to why you weren’t allowed to take pics. Could you have been arrested for that?

  2. looks like when i’m in jamaica. Can’t wait to get to any part of the continent africa.
    yes shoprite is big in ny, but if the ghanians are as enterprising as the jamaicans they probably mirrored the same setup as what is in the states. thecostco in jamaica has the exact same set up as any in the US but instead of rotisserie chicken they have jerk chicken.

    1. I keep hearing that Jamaica is very similar to here, I haven’t been to Jamaica in years…maybe it’s time for a trip!

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