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Will you be flying in or out of Charlotte Douglas Airport in the next few days?  Will you be dropping off someone and dreading having to fight the traffic because of all of the construction congestion? Don’t worry, the Kiss and Fly lot is now open and it can help you be stress free during this holiday season. 

 Here is how it works: You can leave your car in the lot and hop on the shuttle bus that comes every 15 minutes (but I have seen them come sooner than that) then make your way to the airport. You can then meet your arriving loved ones as they come down into baggage claim, or if they are flying out you can stay with them until they go through security. By using the Kiss And Fly Lot  you don’t have to stay with your car like you do if you park in the cell phone lot, and you don’t have to deal with traffic.

However, this isn’t a long-term parking garage, this is only for temporary parking in order to drop off or pick up passengers, this can be done from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. The lot is free and opened Tuesday December 17 and will stay open through Friday, January 3.



 Do you pick up or drop people off at the airport? Or do you find it to be too much trouble?

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