First Impressions Of Ghana

Image 71

I’m sharing with you the first impressions of Ghana through pictures I shot as we were heading to our hotel on the way from the airport. What struck me first was that everyone is Black.

(Are you thinking, “Duh Roni, what did you expect?”)

Now I know that may seem like an obvious observation but when you live in a country or a city where you are the minority, to walk around and see only people that look like you is very different (in a good way). I also noticed that the ads feature Black people which I don’t see much of back home in Charlotte.

The pic below is a bit dark I know but I was using my cell phone and the area was very dark. However, you can see that there are two men in the picture and they are carrying our bags. Both my mom and I only travel with carry-on bags which makes things so much easier.

and I promise we will still be stylish!

We will be here for 2 weeks and it is very possible to only have carry-on luggage. I will be showing you what I took and how I packed in a later post.

Image 72

There was tons of traffic as we made our way to our hotel and drivers seem to use their horns very liberally. No one seemed to have road rage, just lots of beeping going on.

Image 49

Image 51

This young man was selling t-shirts, and there were several other young men that were selling goods from car to car. Not one of them asked for a handout or begged for money, they were all hustling in a positive way. I love the fact that the people here seem to have a strong work ethic and will find a product or market their skills to make money.

Image 53

The four following pictures I took from a moving taxi so they aren’t as crisp as I’d like but you can see how each woman has her goods on top of her head. I am completely in awe how the people here use their heads to carry things. And they do it with so much grace and style, it’s completely second nature to them. I also noticed a few of the women had on western wear, they were very neat and clean even though it is really hot and humid.


Image 67

Image 68

Image 69

Image 52

Do you think you could balance things on your head in the same way? 

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  1. Funny that I felt the same way the first time I went to the US – I was surprised at the number of white people. I guess in my head I expected a whole lot more black people because we see a lot of African American culture in South Africa. So that was a shock for me!

    Enjoy Ghana

    1. That’s so interesting! It’s amazing the expectations we have based on what we have seen on TV. Thank you for stopping by!

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