Fall Foliage Charlotte, North Carolina

I love Charlotte in the fall. Well, truth be told, I love Charlotte all year because it’s just a fabulous city to live in. One of the reasons I love it so much is the way the leaves change colors. Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles was cool but I never saw trees change into all of these different shades of red, gold, and brown.  I was just driving around running my errands and I couldn’t help but stop and snap pictures of all these beautiful trees.

And remember, I take all of my pictures so if you want to use them, please ask. Enjoy!

Do the trees change colors in your city? Have you been anywhere and seen fall foliage?

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  1. Lovely pics! I love fall because of this very thing – the changing color of the leaves! I see them changing when I’m driving to work or when I look out the window. So beautiful!


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