Domestic Travel: Mommy Week Style

This week I´m happy to introduce you to Ashley, the amazing woman behing She´s is a dynamic blogger who is not only building her brand but taking her family along with her on her journey. Most of their trips are in the car so I´m excited to show how it´s possible to enjoy travel domestically, and that domestic travel is just as important and equally valuable as international travel. She is truly a remarkable woman, please read on to see how she makes travel a priority for her family.





1. You have a husband and 3 children yet you travel often. How do you manage it?

I feel like my family is so blessed because my husband and I are both entrepreneurs. We have the ability to take work on the road with us so we aren’t tied down to one place. We decided when our oldest child was a toddler that homeschool would be the route for our family. Homeschool and entrepreneurship has given us the flexibility to travel when we want to.



2. How often do you and your family travel? 

My family usually travels once per month. Sometimes more, it just depends on how our schedule looks for the month. I plan travel ahead and in advance around our other activities.



3. Do you ever travel without your family? If no, why? If yes, how often?

I typically don’t travel alone. I rather enjoy all of my experiences with the people I love.



4. How many trips have you taken and where are some of the places you and your family have traveled over the past year? 

At this point I’ve pretty much lost count of the amount of trips we’ve taken over the years, but lots of the experiences stand out in my mind. Since I began sharing my travel experiences via the blog, we’ve visited: Daytona Beach FL, Cocoa Beach FL, Cape Canaveral FL, Orlando FL, Myrtle Beach SC, South Walton FL, Destin FL, Greensboro NC, San Antonio TX, Biloxi MS, Chattanooga TN, Charleston SC, Kiawah Island SC, Panama City Beach, FL, Bowling Green KY and Chicago, IL. We still have more travel planned for the rest of the year!


5. Was travel part of your life before you started blogging? 

My family has always had a love for travel before I began my blog. My family and my husband´s family both live in other states and we frequently visit them. Prior to blogging, when we would visit our families we would stop at landmarks along the way and allow the children to get a lesson on the road.



6. What do you think are some misconceptions about bloggers and travel?

I think some common misconceptions about bloggers who travel is that the job is always fun. I love being a travel blogger, but when I’m on a trip I’m still working. Photography is a big part of the job. Taking pictures and capturing memories so that they tell a story is something that I seek to always do. It looks easy once they are shared, but it’s not always simple.



7. How do your children feel about getting to travel so often? 

My children love being able to travel all the time. We took a trip last month and they are already asking when is the next one. They are always excited and ready for a new adventure. I always remind them to be grateful for our experiences because not all children have the same opportunities as they do.



8. How do you think making travel apart of your family norm is impacting your children?

Travel is teaching my children to always think outside the box. Travel gives them the opportunity to grow and expand their minds through rich experiences that they can’t get from a history book.



9. What advice would you give to women who think travel isn’t possible or too expensive for their family?

Start with exploring what’s already available in your state. You’ll soon see that with a tank of gas and a packed lunch your family can enjoy travel right in your backyard. We save money on travel by booking condos or hotel rooms with kitchenettes. When we arrive we buy most of our food from the local grocery store and eat in. We don’t typically go to a bunch of attractions. Instead we do things that cost nothing like sitting on the beach. With proper planning, family travel can be affordable and the experience will be priceless.



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  1. Great interview and beautiful pics! I love how much their family travels and I agree that life experiences and exposure is so much more enriching than what you see or read in a book.

  2. Loved this feature on Ashley & her family! I would really love to travel more but my issue has always been money. I’ll definitely start exploring locations nearby – a day trip here and there doesn’t sound so bad 🙂

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