Do You Listen To Your Body When You Travel?

I’m in Los Angeles and I had all these plans that I was going to do as soon as I landed. So many places I wanted to photograph so I could tell you all about them on my blog. But my body was telling me something different.


Last night I was extremely tired and all I wanted to do was go to sleep but I had somewhere I needed to be last night so I went. Then I had to get ready for my trip to the west coast so I stayed up a while getting things ready which didn’t put me in bed until around 12:30am. I was up at 5:30am to catch my flight.  That was not enough sleep for my body which was already tired. But I pushed on and got on the plane. While on the plane I got sick. My body finally gave out because I didn’t listen to it and do what it was telling me. So instead of taking pictures of the unknown touristy places in Los Angeles, I came home and my aunt made me a hot toddy and I went to sleep.


When we travel, it is natural to want to see everything and do everything and many times we ignore when our body is telling us, “Please get me some meds and go to sleep. I am not feeling well.” Instead we push on, trying to do all that our overly scheduled agendas are telling us to do. But sometimes we have to just stop, listen to our bodies and rest.

When I was in Russia, I didn’t feel well. The food didn’t agree with me so I had to slow it down a bit and not do as much as I had planned. And that’s ok. It is better to take some time to let you body feel better than to push it to its limit and miss out on days of your vacation instead of several hours.


It’s now 10:45pm and I have just had my second hot toddy. I didn’t get to have my mexican food from my favorite spot because I have been sleep for most of the afternoon, but that’s ok. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling much better and my body will be ready to do all that I want it to do. Listen to your body when it is talking to you. You will feel better if you do.


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