Do You Let Negative Comments Stop You From Traveling?

“I wasn’t impressed with Paris. I thought people were really rude and I hated the food.”

“Spain? Oh no, I have no desire to go back there. I saw nothing there that I ever need to see again.”

I was talking to two different people about traveling and they said those things about Spain and France, two countries that I absolutely love. I couldn’t believe that two different people had such negative experiences from two places that absolutely adore.

Has that happened to you? Have you had an amazing experience somewhere and then talked to someone who went to the same city you did but had a horrible time?

This has happened to me several times and it has taught me that I can’t let what other people think have any bearing on my travel plans.

This is something you have to remember when you tell someone about your travel plans. Every person has a different perspective and their view may not necessarily be the same as yours. Why would you let someone who doesn’t share your thoughts have input on where you go on vacation?

It’s your money and your time, if you like some place or are interested in a destination that other people have said something like, “Oh, don’t waste your time because we had a horrible experience in _________.” Just remember that if someone had a bad experience, that doesn’t mean you will. And even if you get to the place that others have told you was worth missing and you have a bad time, isn’t that still your experience and adds to your travel expertise?

If you go somewhere and don’t enjoy it, that teaches you how to deal with unexpected situations. Dealing with those type of situations help build character, don’t you think? And how exactly does it build character? The strength of your character is not built up by how you react when things go your way. That is easy. No, your character is built up when you are forced to deal with situations and people that test your Nothing wrong with getting better at dealing with the unexpected,  even when you are on vacation.

In all the places I have traveled I can’t say that I have been somewhere that I hated and would never go back (I wasn’t too keen on going back to Milan after our break-in but that had nothing to do with the city). I have been to places that haven’t been my favorite but I still find something to appreciate about the culture and country I’m visiting, and I’m sure you will as well.


Have you told someone about your travel plans and they were negative about your up-coming trip? Have you ever changed your mind about going somewhere because you read/heard/was told about a bad experience?



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