A Different View Of Los Angeles



Did you know you can get a cool perspective of Downtown Los Angeles from an elevated walkway? Yep, you can and all the pics in this post were taken from different spots on the walkway. I didn’t edit any of the pics as I wanted you to see what I saw (I do that often, have you noticed?). I was there around 3pm on a weekday and there were a few people walking around. Every time I drive by I don’t see anyone walking around so it seems to be a space that isn’t used often and a cool place to people watch (or car watch).



So how do you get up here? Easy. There is a staircase on the northeast corner of Figueroa and 3rd (see it below?). Just climb the staircase and you’re on the walkway!


It’s a wide path and a different way to see a few blocks of Downtown Los Angeles.  You can take a couple of different routes while you’re walking. You can cross over Figueroa which takes you to another set of condos and restaurants, or go through a pretty large area with a fountain and huge potted plants.






Downtown is always so crowded and this is a great way to be in the city without having to be around a bunch of people. Sometimes you just want to chill but still want to see a bit of the action. You can do that from here!




 It’s Friday! Which means I’m saying goodbye for now and there will be a new blog post on Monday. Until then please browse my blog, chat with me on my Facebook Fan Page, Tweet me, or check out some pics on Instagram as I’m active on those social channels over the weekend. Whatever you do, have fun! 

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