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I am always so grateful when Driveshop entrusts me with a new car in exchange for coverage on my blog and they let me write about it in my own words. For a week I drove a 2017 Kia Soul and here is my experience. Thank you Driveshop and Kia!

I got to spend another week in Los Angeles and this time Driveshop blessed me with a 2017 Kia Soul! It is so stinkin’ cute the perfect option for conquering L.A. traffic! Have you ever driven a Kia Soul? If you haven’t I highly recommend that you do because It has such get up and go and it wondrous in its sophistication.

When I’m in Los Angeles I am always on the go, driving around the city  trying to weave and out of traffic like I’m Danica Patrick and with the Soul I felt like I could go toe to toe with her. It handles like a dream and accelerates with ease. It’s sleek and sophisticated yet sporty at the same time. That’s quite the combination.

Check out that moonroof! The amount of light that comes in through the moonroof makes such a difference. I felt like I could see everything around me and feeling the sunshine coming through made my skin glisten in the best way possible. I don’t need a tan (cause my melanin pops naturally) but the sun on me felt so good.

For a car to start at $16,000 it has tons of perks. One is the navigational system talked to me in French!

 I wasn’t able to capture one of the coolest perks with my camera but in the dark there are lights inside the driver and passenger side of the car. These lights respond to what is being played on your sound system! I have never seen mood lighting in a car but the Kia Soul has it. Not bad for $16,000, right?

This was an automatic but it has the dope ability to drive like a stick shift. You get to have all the fun of shifting gears without having to worry about the clutch.


Practical sophistication is always a good thing and the fact that all of my groceries for the week fit nicely in the trunk is a definite plus. Those bags are filled and that’s two cases of bottled water on the left.

The next two pics I took out of the moonroof. I didn’t aim, I just held my phone up and pushed the button. If you’re a picture taker then this moonroof is just what you need. You can get dope shots without trying too hard.

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What do you think of the 2017 Kia Soul? Have you driven a Kia? 

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