Would You Expect To Find These Type Of Pastries In Bratislava?

Do you think of pastries when you think of Eastern Europe?  I doubt it. When I walked into this coffee shop and saw all of these pastries on display I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, in all honestly, this isn’t what I thought I would find, I didn’t expect to see such an array of sweets. Do they look good to you?

I have no idea what these pastries contain as I don’t read Slovakian. But I love seeing the names in front of each pastry because it’s so different than what I am accustomed to seeing.

The pictures above and below are the two desserts that we ordered. I got the chocolaty one and my mom got the other one. Now, does the chocolate look good to you? It did to me too. But it wasn’t. Not even a little bit. The white on the cake was…wait for it…SOUR CREAM! My mouth wasn’t happy about this cake so I tried to wash it down with the water that came with my coffee (the coffee was lovely).

The water wasn’t still, it was sparkling (I didn’t notice the bubbles) and I cannot stand sparkling water. So, I was sitting in the cafe with my mouth full of chocolate sour cream cake with a side of sparkling water and I’m trying not to let all the contents of my mouth go onto the floor in front of me. It wasn’t good. But my mom enjoyed her cake so at least one of us was happy. But it was ok that I didn’t enjoy the cake, I tried it and had a new experience, isn’t that what travel is all about?

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Roni Faida

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