Capsule Hotel In Narita, Japan


Have you ever stayed in a capsule hotel? I hadn’t either until I had an unexpected layover in Narita, Japan. I had seen them on TV and in magazines and always wanted to stay in one so I was so excited when I got the chance!

This one is right in the Narita Airport (so convenient!) you just follow the signs (see pics below) until you get to nine hours. It’s maybe a 10 minute walk from the airport but you can’t take your trolley up the escalator (y’all should have seen me getting my 3 bags up the escalator-good times). 



I couldn’t take as many pictures as I wanted because there were lots of people in the hotel and I didn’t want to invade anyone’s privacy (I couldn’t be the girl taking pics of the space while everyone was walking around, that’s just weird).

When you walk into the hotel there is a door on your left and on your right leading to the section for men and women. You cannot share a bed and men and women are completely separate so keep that in mind if you are going as a couple as there are no exceptions. Once you check-in you are given a key to a numbered locker where you can keep your things. The hotel is also able to store your bags for you if they won’t fit in the locker. 


The bag above is given to you when you check in. It has a towel, a robe, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a pair of slippers. You aren’t allowed to wear your shoes in the hotel so it’s nice to have slippers given to you.  What I noticed and really appreciated was that the hotel was super clean. And not just clean, it was EXTREMELY clean. I am not big on shared spaces when it comes to hotels but this was exceptional. The bathrooms and showers are separate (again, men and women are in completely different areas) and each stall I looked into was clean (and I looked into almost all of them). 

If I did things correctly there is a video below. It’s the video I took while in the capsule hotel.





In the shower they have body wash and shampoo which came in handy cause I didn’t have to take out any of my toiletries. 


Ok see the pic above? Each capsule (where you sleep) has a number assigned to it. The number on the floor is the same number of the key you get upon check-in. So where do you sleep? You sleep inside the numbered capsule. If you look at the picture above you can see how the screens are up in the top row and down in the bottom row. There are no locks on the capsules, the screens simply slide up and down. 

You have control of your lights and you are given a pillow, a blanket and the bed is pretty comfy. I’m 5’8 and I had enough room to lay flat. I never felt unsafe and wasn’t at all concerned about not having a lock on my sleeping area. 


So how much was this? I paid about $30 for the night. There is no place to eat inside the hotel, it’s strictly for sleeping or napping only. What do I mean by napping? Well if you only have a few hours and you need to just sleep for a little while you can rent a pod or if you just need to take a shower and get cleaned up you can do that here as well. 

There is no place to wash clothes and no place to chill except your sleeping pod. There is free wireless internet and the internet works throughout the hotel. 

Have you ever stayed in a capsule hotel? 

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