Bus In Motion – St. Petersburg, Russia

by Roni

I was in St. Petersburg, Russia when I snapped this shot. I love getting movement in my pictures so this pic really got me jazzed especially because the car next to it doesn’t have the same look. Carly and I (my friend I was traveling with) were exploring the city just walking around after seeing the Chesme Church which wasn’t far from this busy street.  A little while before I took this pic I was grabbed by some people so they could take my picture which is always interesting when I’m traveling. It was about 9pm in this picture, can you believe it? We were constantly amazed at how the sun stayed up for so long, which was great for us while we were seeing the city.

Happy Sunday to you whatever you do today and as always, thank you for taking the time to stop by my little travel corner of the web.

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