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Don’t you love it when you find a great restaurant? That’s how I feel about Bronzed Aussie in Downtown Los Angeles. Did you know they made savory pies down under? They do but you don’t have to travel to Australia to get one, just come to this restaurant and have your taste buds be very happy with you.

If you blink you’ll miss it and you definitely don’t want to do that. It’s located on Los Angeles street between 7th and 8th on the southeast side of the street. It’s in an alley (don’t worry, it’s totally safe) and once you go in you will be so happy you did as the food is lush. It’s a small place but big enough for you and 13 others to eat inside and they also have free WiFi.

There are several tables outside and a bunch of bamboo out back that you can sit underneath. The owner is Australian as well as all of the staff which makes the whole experience seem truly authentic. They are all super friendly and you can tell it’s genuine, I would go back there just to have something to drink and talk to the staff, they are that lovely. There is a bathroom but you have to go across the alley to get to it, just ask one of the staff members for the key.



I bought 5 pies for $32.70 and I’m so glad I did! So far I’ve tasted:

  1. ground beef

  2. pepper steak

  3. Thai chicken curry

  4. spinach & feta rolls

  5. chicken, bacon & mushroom

and each one was delicious. Seriously.

I bought them for my dad and I and when it was time to eat my father said, “That is too much bread.” I told him it was flaky, light and delish and to just try it. He did and then he said, “Ok, you’re right. It’s very flaky and it’s really good.” My dad is 77 and knows good food.





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714 South Los Angeles Street *Los Angeles, CA *90014  * (213) 243-0770


Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend and on Monday I’ll be back with another new post. Until then, join me on Instagram or my Facebook Fan Page where I’ll be sharing pics and tips all weekend! Happy weekend!

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