Bratislava City Card And City Tour

If you ever plan a trip to Bratislava (you really should, it’s a great place to visit and really cheap!) one of the first things I think you should do is get your Bratislava City Card. We got one for 3 days and it cost 12 Euro. With that card we got a free walking tour of Old Town Bratislava and a book that gave us all kinds of information as to where we can use our card. You get substantial discounts on many attractions and get to ride public transportation for free with this card. Below are some of the sights we saw while getting our city tour.

The pic below is of the main square in Old Town.


This is Michael street. It’s the oldest street in Bratislava and the one that has gone through the most change. Our guide said that during communism this street didn’t have any restaurants or hotels, nothing at all touristy could be found on this street since the country was closed to most visitors during communist rule. Now there are tons of everything on this street! This street dates back to the 1300’s.

This cafe is also on Michael street and I thought it was incredible that something so modern was on a street that is so old. Doesn’t it look like a spot you could just sit and enjoy your coffee?

I like this girls coat, she looked really posh as she was walking down the street. The tour guide said that during communism there was no unemployment, EVERYONE had a job but everyone except those in charge were poor. She said as soon as Communism fell, unemployment skyrocketed and now people (on average) make around 800 Euro a month. Of course there are many that make much more but that is an average.

See the two guys crossing the tram tracks? Notice how there aren’t any barriers or signs telling people to beware? It’s like that all over the city and I was so surprised to see there are no railings or flashing lights when the tram is approaching. People just stay out of the way.

The pic below is of a restaurant. There are many restaurants that have enclosed patio areas so you get the impression that you are outside but you are really still inside. It’s a cool concept and looks great along the sidewalk.

I really didn’t know what to expect from Bratislava and I am pleasantly surprised. This is such a lovely city. People are very friendly and polite and the men are very courteous. There have been several times where we were entering a building the same time as a man was leaving and every time the man stepped back and let us pass. It’s small things like this that make a difference. I’ll tell you more about my adventures tomorrow, ok? Enjoy your day wherever you are in the world.



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Roni Faida

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