Black Women Travel…And So Do Their Friends!

You may not be one of the people who asks this but I have heard the question, “Roni, why don’t Black people travel more?” to which I want to scream. First of all, I’m no spokesperson for all of Black America but it frustrates me because my life has always been filled with people who travel so this question always perplexed me.


I grew up traveling. My mom travels (she hitchhiked through Europe in her early 20’s), my friends travel, when I lived in Paris in 2000 I met tons of other Black American women who were living there, and I’m in several travel groups online that are filled with people who look like me so from my perspective, we (fabulous Black folk) travel often.

 I was in one of my travel groups on Facebook and I came across a thread talking about women who travel with their friends and I decided I wanted to do a post showing the world (or the thousands that read this blog every month…thank you all!) that indeed, Black women do travel and travel well.

Below are a few women who enjoy their trips with their friends and while this is just a very small sample of women, it’s my hope this is a positive representation and another way to dispel the travel myths surrounding people that look like me. 


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I like traveling with my girls because we get to reconnect with each other, and take a breather from Mom, Wife and work life WITHOUT APOLOGY!


Nadeen and friends in Martha’s Vineyard and Napa Valley
Find Nadeen’s blog here. 

Napa Valley at Honig Winery

Nadeen says: I enjoy traveling with my girlfriends for several reasons. First of all it’s a great way to keep in touch and catch up on each other’s lives. Besides exploring the place we are in, we spend time eating, drinking, and having a lot of girl talk. We discuss our careers, having children, being in love or in a relationship or being single and everything in between. We cry, we laugh and most importantly we support and love on each other. 

Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard


Kenya and her friends in Panama. Kenya on IG: browneyed_blues



Kenya says: For my friends & I, there are so many things in our daily lives – significant others, children, work, school, distance – so being able to share new adventures with them is like a re-centering. It’s a rare opportunity to share semi-uninterrupted laughter, conversation, memories, and to make new ones you can laugh over next year. 


Aisha and friends in Guadeloupe


I absolutely love traveling with friends because it creates everlasting memories and bonds us forever. 


Lawanda and friends in Negril, Jamaica

Traveling with friends allows us to get to know each other more from a different perspective. We bond even more when in close quarters with one another. I love it and would not change it for the world!


Sometimes your squad is your family! This is Shaquana and her sister in Abu Dhabi and with their children in The Bahamas.


I enjoy traveling with my friends & family because it allows me to do something I love with those that I love. It also draws us closer together as we create lifetime memories.



Do you travel with your friends? 

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  1. Thank you for including me and my friends! This is such a positive image of black women and travel. With so many negative images in the media I love that you showcased black women getting along and celebrating each other!

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