Beautiful View In Nice, France

This is the view from our apartment rental here in Nice, France. I will write about the apartment later but for now I just wanted to share with you the beautiful view that I get to look at as I drink my morning coffee. Our apartment has an outside area with a table and chairs, a couch, a bed (yes, a bed!) and a small grass area.

Having the beach directly across the street is so convenient and makes my morning view that much more beautiful.  If you ever rent a vacation apartment in a beach city, it would be worth it to have the ocean in front of you so even when you weren’t in the ocean, you could enjoy looking and hearing it.  The street in front of us is Promenade Des Anglais which extends the length of the beach here in Nice and has been around since 1822 (I got that little tidbit from my guide book , you know how much I love Eyewitness News Guides). More pics to come tomorrow of Nice but for now, I hope you enjoy the view.


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