Beautiful Houses In Soweto, South Africa

beautiful houses in Soweto

Beautiful Houses In Soweto

Are you surprised that there are beautiful  houses in Soweto? Most have only heard one story out of Soweto: people are poor and live in shanty houses. Well, yes, that does exist but why don’t we ever get to hear about the beautiful houses that are in Soweto?

Why don’t we hear about the thousands of Black South Africans that live in neighborhoods that have gates, fancy cars, paved roads and tree lined streets? Why do we only get told that only bad things exist in Soweto, that only poverty and despair is the only option for Black South Africans from Soweto?

beautiful houses in Soweto

Homes In Soweto

Below are two pics I took of this lovely lady that let us into her home. Yes, it was in the shanty town part of Soweto but as you look at the pictures, do you see filth? Do you see dirt? Her house was so clean it was incredible. Simple? Yes. Poor? Yes. But dirty? Not at all. She was lovely and kind and her home was modest and lovely.

beautiful houses in Soweto

beautiful houses in Soweto


There is much more to Soweto that what you may have been shown and told.  Did you know there is a huge hospital in Soweto? There is a very large shopping mall as well? Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know were in Soweto.

While in this neighborhood I was so flabbergasted by what I was seeing. I had absolutely no idea that this type of luxury was even possible for Black people in South Africa, and I was angry.

We are only given one part of what is in Soweto, and the news media feels it is ethical to only tell the “poor poor Africans” headline. It’s also sad that only a handful of Americans will be able to see this beautiful neighborhood firsthand.

Did you know I have an Etsy store, where I sell all kinds of beautiful things?

beautiful houses in Soweto

As we were driving down the streets of this neighborhood, it was like seeing color for the first time. My eyes could barely understand what was in front of them. How could people in Soweto live in nicer houses than some of my friends and family?  This was in complete contrast to the half-truths the media shows.

beautiful houses in Soweto

This is what travel does, it opens our eyes to things that we didn’t know.  It helps us to see things for how they are, not for what someone has deemed relevant for us to be told. Seeing these beautiful houses in Soweto shows that things aren’t always as they are presented in the media.

If you don’t travel, you are really letting someone else’s perception of what is true shape your mindset. Traveling lets you see what is possible.

This trip to South Africa was one of those life changing trips that made me better. It may not be South Africa that changes you, we are all affected in different ways by different things but whatever city or country does it for you, you won’t be sorry.

Did you know I also visited Cape Town? Wait until you read about my  Uber ride that had me super scared!


Have you gone anywhere that completely changed your life?

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  1. As a foreigner, I realize that alot of what is portrayed in the media is intentional in that it always tries to showcase America as the best and everyone else as less than.
    I’m glad South Africa was eye opening for you. I hope to get to Africa one day.

    1. I have been to 4 countries in Africa and each one was eye opening. Whenever I hear a news story about a foreign country if I have a friend from that country I will ask that person about it. Usually what they know is totally different from what the news is saying. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Wow…amazing. S. Africa is on my bucket list. Will have to reach out to you for guidance when I’m ready. There is nothing like experiencing culture in person. Great photos and awesome perspective on your trip.

    1. Thanks! SA was a wonderful trip, very enlightening. Seeing Black and White interacting was truly a miracle, especially after such a brutal history. Thanks for stopping by!

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