Balboa Island In Orange County


Have you ever heard of Balboa Island? It’s in Orange County, California which is about at least an hour from Los Angeles depending on traffic. It’s a lovely area and worth the drive. You can walk around the canals and explore the side streets with all of the beautiful houses.


Many of the residents drive golf carts so don’t be surprised if you see them.


There are many stunning houses along the canal so take your time as you’re walking.


See the white picket fences? It’s like you’ve stepped into a movie set!


You are allowed to ride your bike but not along the banks of the canal or on the sidewalks.


 The main street is filled with quaint shops, restaurants, grocery stores and cafes. You can spend hours meandering up and down the street enjoying the scenery. If you can be in the area you would probably enjoy spending some time here!


Have you heard of Balboa Island? 

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