I met my mom in Las Vegas about a month ago (Yep, I travel with my mom pretty often. My mom is the coolest so traveling with her is always a blast).  It was about 11am, we were both hungry and wanted breakfast so I went on Yelp and we found a restaurant not far from The Strip. We had a rental car so it was no problem getting there, but if you don’t have a car you would probably have to take a taxi unless you are cool with walking 12 miles. In Las Vegas heat. If so, have fun with that.

It took us a few minutes to find it because we weren’t expecting it to be in an office complex.  It is definitely not something you can see from the street. It is deep inside this business complex and you have to drive about a minute or so once you turn into the complex before you get to the restaurant.

places to eat in Las Vegas

The cafe is owned by a French man so you are getting French food in the middle of the desert. He is really friendly and the cafe is lovely with some cool pictures on the walls.

So I know you may be thinking, “Hey Roni, where are the food shots?” Well, here’s the thing. I took a couple of pics of the quiche and salad and my egg croissant with salad and they looked fine. But, when I got back home I realized that the pics I took weren’t good at all and they hardly captured the flavor of the quiche nor the softness of the croissant. The pics I took looked kind of, well, nasty. And I can hardly post nasty food pics, right?

But I’m hoping you know me well enough by now to know that I would never recommend a place if the food wasn’t delicious. The service was good, the coffee was strong, and we were both very happy with our meals.  So if you ever find yourself in Las Vegas and are able to get away from The Strip, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to take a ride and eat at Baguette Cafe.

8359 W Sunset Rd  *  Las Vegas, NV * 89113  *  (702) 269-4781

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