Arts And Metiers Metro Station In Paris

Do you like funky metro stops? Then you have to make your way to Arts and Metiers metro on line 11 in Paris. I have never seen anything like it and maybe you haven’t either. It has portholes up and down each quai of the metro which makes sense because this metro stop resembles a brass submarine. Even the chairs are brass! I’m sorry, I couldn’t get up close pictures of the portholes, my camera wasn’t cooperating and the lighting just wasn’t working for me.  What I find amazing is there isn’t any graffiti anywhere in this metro stop, and Paris has lots of graffiti around the city. But for some reason, this metro stop has been off limits to taggers so you can walk up and down each side and see all that this metro has to offer. And this stop was pretty clean as you can see from the pics below.

Have you ever seen a metro station that made you want to stop and take pictures?


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