Are Your Bags In Working Order?

I was working the other day when I came across this bag and unfortunately, I see this quite often. Because I work as a ramp agent I deal with bags all the time and I see damaged, broken, and sometimes completely ruined luggage. Because I know how bags can be treated I don’t recommend spending lots of money on designer luggage but at the same time, I wouldn’t recommend getting a bag that was super cheap because you need something that is durable and will last you for several trips.


I’m not sure if the owner of this bag knew it wasn’t working properly before checking this bag or if this bag became damaged while it was being unloaded. I’m inclined to think there was something wrong with this bag before it was checked because there was no way to snap this back and since this is a very sturdy case, I can’t imagine a baggage handler throwing this case so hard that it would completely break a metal closure.

Before you travel, be sure to check your luggage to make sure all zippers and closures are in proper working order. If a zipper is stuck or your bag is so stuffed that the zipper can barely work, that is just asking for trouble. Bags get thrown around and while no one is deliberately trying to destroy your bag, bags are put in carts, rolled down conveyer belts, tossed from one cart to another and loaded in and out of planes. So imagine if your bag isn’t in great condition and you fill it with your clothes or like the bag above, with heavy tools then check it, the bag may not stay closed.


What you don’t see in the picture is the tape that someone put around this bag to try and keep it closed (I had to do that because I don’t want the company name to be in the picture).  The only thing is, not every ramp agent has access to tape and many times there isn’t enough time to try and find tape for your bag. The last thing I want is for you to be waiting for your bags when you land and as you are watching the conveyer belt you see your bag broken and your belongings spilling out of it. This is one reason I never check a bag, but if you have to check one, please make sure it is in proper working order.

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