I’m an avid traveler, yet a homebody. I seek adventure, yet I love my daily routine. I love children, yet I do not have any of my own.

This is really who I am.

I’m Roni, and I am the poster child for having a life that seems to contradict itself. But, there is one thing I can say…I love my life. I love everything about it. I remember when I first began to travel the world, I’d get to my destination, look around, and smile.

I was simply happy to be somewhere new and exciting.

I put my whole heart into what brings me pure joy even if it doesn’t quite make sense to everyone else. This also goes for when I’m doing other things I love: creating new products for my Etsy store, reading a good book, watching Netflix, and hanging out with the kiddos as Auntie Roni.

When I started this venture into sharing my firsthand traveling knowledge with others, I didn’t truly know how to explain my unique perspective of being a traveler and a homebody.  An adventurer and a Type A person.
Now, I have the ability to share these experiences with others and actually understand how you might feel to want to travel, but miss home. I understand how you feel when you want to feel like you belong in the new city because you love the feel of being a part of a community, even if you love being alone most of the time.

That’s what I’m here for. Whether I am helping you travel better or working to make your products shine, I’m here to help you find your happy place doing what you love to do, even if seems like a total contradiction.

If you’re interested in working together, please see how I’ve worked with other brands below.  While Covid has altered my travel plans, I am happy to be safe at home, exploring my local area. For the foreseeable future, I will not be traveling internationally but I am interested in partnering with brands that are aligned with my desire to stay safe.
If you’re here to learn how to travel with ease, thank you for being here.