Who Is Roni The Travel Guru?

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Here is the official version of Roni:

Some people travel. Roni IS travel.  For over 20 years she has been traveling the world and now shares her unique insight with her worldwide audience on her blog, www.RoniTheTravelGuru.com. Whether you have never gotten on a plane or are a seasoned traveler, the expertise and insider knowledge she shares on her blog will help you make your travels an adventure.  No where else can you find the uniquely helpful ins and out given to you by someone who has lived overseas for 4 years, speaks fluent English, French and Spanish, and works for a major airline.  And guess what? She’s also a licensed elementary teacher and has an MBA.


 So who am I? What makes me tick? Here are 20 things you probably don’t know about me.

1. I am an only child yet I have several nieces and nephews that call me  ‘World’s Best Auntie’. I spoil them rotten then send them home! 


2. I took my first flight at age 3. I went to Jamaica with my parents.


3. I love riding trains and the metro. 


4. I am insanely crazy about my parents. They are awesome.


5. I have a huge fear of big animal mascots. I have no idea why.

6. I am fluent in English, French, and Spanish. Yes. Oui. Si.


7. I have never seen the movies (cue gasp in 3…2…1)  Sound of Music or Pulp Fiction.


8. I LOVE to eat.


9. I workout often. See #8.


10. Wine is a food group in my house.

11. If you talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee you may get punched in the chest.


12. I can’t eat watermelon in public. I have issues.

13. I would rather eat my mother’s home cooking than go to a restaurant.

14. I love to cook and would be giddy if someone would upgrade my kitchen. Really you can, I won’t be mad.


15. There is a baby born every year on my mother’s side of the family. She is one of 14 (hence the reason I’m an only child).


16. I’m from Los Angeles (where I got my Bachelor’s degree and teaching credential), lived in France (where I got my MBA) and Spain and now call Charlotte home. I have perfected my y’all.

17. I love to laugh.


18. People who don’t have common sense confuse me.


19. I hate shopping, unless it’s for kids (see #1). I do love buying carry-on bags. I have at least 10.


20.  I am a girlie girl. But if you ask me to sit through a chick flick I may bite you.