A Lovely Meal At Oakland Airport

I was traveling (surprise, surprise) and was waiting  for my flight at OAK and I was hungry (another surprise, right?) I didn’t want anything fast and I wanted to sit and enjoy my meal. I wasn’t super hungry but I wanted to eat something. I walked up and down the airport a couple of times (Oakland airport isn’t huge) and Vino Volo caught my attention and I’m glad it did.

See my salmon above? It was really tasty. And see the flight of wine below? Now you know that was good.  It was cool to be able to sit, charge my phone (there was an outlet right by my table) people watch and relax before my next flight. Do you take advantage of your connecting times by relaxing in a restaurant? You don’t have to eat, you can just sit and have a glass of wine. I think that is much better than sitting at the gate.

Have you had a good meal at an airport lately?


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