One Thing To Do As Soon As You Get Into A Taxi

by Roni


Do you take taxis when you travel? I do and one thing I try and always do when I get into a taxi is to make sure there is a meter.  Sometimes I get distracted as I did when I was in Bratislava and I got taken.

We got into the taxi and I didn’t check the meter so when the driver got to our rental apartment, he charged us $30 for a ride that should have cost maybe $5. I was LIVID. We had the $30 dollars but it was the principle of the matter. I knew that ride shouldn’t have been that much but since I didn’t check the meter (there wasn’t one and he said he was a private taxi and he could charge what he wanted) we had to pay. So, if you get into a taxi, make sure there is a meter and that the meter is set for the correct starting amount for the city you are visiting.


Have you ever had to pay more for a taxi ride? Do you take taxis when you travel?

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Andrea December 22, 2013 - 3:59 pm

I rarely catch taxi’s, but know that you mention it, I do check the meter as soon as I get in…well after checking the badge of the cab driver.