Cape Town, South Africa

5 Ways To Get Around Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

Are you traveling to Cape Town, South Africa in the near future? Getting around Cape Town, South Africa is really easy and you have several options. One of the best things about transportation around Cape Town is it’s cheap and efficient no matter what option you choose. 

5 ways to get around Cape Town

  1. Finger Taxi
  2. Hop on/Hop off bus
  3. My Citi Bus
  4. Uber
  5. Taxi

When you’re in Cape Town, South Africa why not try using several of these options?

1. Finger Taxi

One of the best ways to get around town is using the local “Finger Taxi”. They are all around the city and are mini busses that literally get so full people are crammed into them. I took this several times around the city and it’s only 7 Rand (which is pennies). You can flag these down when you see them, there are no set stops. If you signal to them, they will stop to get you and you can let the driver know when you want to get off of the bus. 

My Capetonian friends told me it’s best to get the taxi when it’s full and to always speak to the driver. When you get in, there is usually a guy at the door to take your money and exact change is appreciated.

This is not luxurious way to get around the city, but it’s simple and effective. It’s also a wonderful way to see local life in action. When you are on the bus you may be sitting extremely close to the other passengers as the drivers like to get as many people in the bus as possible.


2. Hop on/hop off bus

This is a tourist bus but also a great way to navigate your way around the city. The bus stops at all of the major attractions in the city and a 2 day pass is available for purchase. This method allowed you to ride the bus as much as you want in a safe and secure ride to your next destination. It’s a wonderful way to get acclimated to the city. NOTE: This bus has designated stops so you can only go to where the bus is already going. 


3. My Citi Bus

Riding the public bus is another option to see the city. They have several different routes around the city and the bus is clean. You don’t use cash, you have to use a refillable card which you can get at certain bus stations and kiosks. Click here for the website to find out more information. When you get in the bus you have to swipe your card and you also have to swipe when you get off of the bus.


4. Uber

I used Uber so often during my month in Cape Town! Uber is so efficient and ridiculously cheap! If you don’t have Uber on your phone make sure to download it (it’s free), set up your account, and start riding. In Cape Town, I met so many uber drivers from different African countries and I had some wonderful conversations. It was one of the reasons I enjoyed Cape Town so much.  

Cape Town, South Africa

5. Taxis

Taxis are also an option and probably the most expensive way to get around town. However, expensive is relative because the price of a taxi in Cape Town is still cheaper than taxi rides in most countries.

How do you like to get around when you travel? 

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