5 Helpful Hints For Visiting The Louvre

The Louvre continues to be one of the favorite tourist spots in Paris (second to the Eiffel Tower, I bet) and with good reason. Have you been there? I am not a big museum person but this one is great. Here are a few tips if you are going to visit.


1. The Louvre gets really crowded, especially in summer. If you go, please get there really early or wait until the crowds have died down and go in the evening a few hours before closing.

2. Everyone waits in line by the Pyramid in order to enter The Louvre.  However, if you stand south of the little arch (which is a miniature version of the Arc de Triomphe at the top of Champs-Élysées), you will see a staircase leading down towards the Louvre. Walk down those stairs (in an air conditioned building!) and you can reach the ticket counter from there and miss a big chunk of the crowd.

3. You can go to The Louvre (and any museum in Paris, for that matter) for free the first Sunday of every month.

4. There is an upscale restaurant called Cafe Marly that has a patio overlooking the Pyramid. It’s a lovely view and a nice way to pass the time. When I ate there my food was good, I’m not saying it’s a great meal—it was tasty. The main reason I would go there would be to enjoy the view.


5. There is a fountain in front of the Pyramid. I don’t think this is a known fact but it’s a cool addition to the landscape and you can take some cool pictures. Okay, I was trying to catch the water but it didn’t really work but hey, I get an A for effort, right?

And there you have it, five helpful (I hope!) hints for your visit to The Louvre.


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  1. You gave me tip number 2 about how to avoid the line & it worked like a charm. I walked right into the louvre no waiting. I felt like a pro thanks to my friend the travel guru. 🙂

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