Airbnb Rental With A Bonus View!


When  I arrived in Capetown for the first night I had to rent another airbnb because my place wasn’t ready. I arrived a day earlier so my host couldn’t accommodate me (I fly standby so I have to fly when the flights look good).



Thankfully I found another spot in Hout Bay that was phenomenal. What made it even better is that it was directly on the street that the Capetown Cycle Tour was on. So not only did I get a fabulous room in a exquisitely furnished apartment but I got a wonderful view of the bike race.


Being able to sit and watch the bike race was such a treat, and an added bonus that I had no idea was going to happen! However, because of the race cars were not allowed on the street which meant many things weren’t accessible. Thankfully my airbnb hostess moved her car before the race started and she graciously offered me a ride into town.



Click here to see the link of this airbnb, I can’t recommend her enough. The location, the decorations and her hospitality made it the perfect spot.  It’s not in the center of town so you’d need to take a taxi or Uber to get into town but there are lots of cafes and things to see in Hout Bay. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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