Naritasan Temple In Narita Japan

by Roni

Vietnam 126

When I was in Narita on my tour with Katsumi from Narita Tours one of our first stops was the Naritasan Temple. I’d say this is definitely something you want to see so please give yourself enough time to explore the different parts of this temple.

I was happy to be able to watch the procession of the Buddhist priests as they were entering the temple.

Vietnam 131

Did you happen to catch the Periscope I did from here? I was able to capture this on video.

Vietnam 132

Just outside of the temple is an area where people throw in coins then pray. I love this pic because it captures people in a variety of poses. The woman in the background on the right is throwing her coin, the gentleman in the white shirt is  about to pray and the woman closest to the right hand side of the pic is in the middle of praying.

Vietnam 124

As I was walking out of the temple I saw this woman, her husband and their baby. They had come from Tokyo to get their newborn blessed by the priests. She was happy to let me take their pic!

Vietnam 136

Vietnam 114

Vietnam 113

Vietnam 138

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