Excellent Way To Stay Clean On Your Flight!


I wrote this post in exchange for product (yeah me!) but no one told me what to write and my opinion is my own. 20151129_220301

If you follow me on Instagram of my FB fanpage you’ve seen pictures and updates of me showing you how I always disinfect my seat when I get on a plane. It’s an absolute necessity because if I’ve learned anything from working for a major airline for the past 8 years it’s that airplanes are rarely cleaned properly. So when I get into my seat I wipe down the seat with disinfectant wipes. However, on my flight to Austin I didn’t have to worry about it. You know why? I had my Nice Seat with me! Have you heard of that before? Well if not I’m happy to tell you about it.


Nice Seat is basically an easy, hygienic and effective way to keep the germs of the last person off of you. Since plane seats are never cleaned it’s a completely fab product. I love the fact that it comes in a little pouch (see pic above) then becomes big enough to cover a first class seat. I took the pic directly above after I had already sat down in my Nice Seat in first class which is why it’s not tucked in. I wanted you to see how it looked in real time and I liked the fact that it didn’t come off of my seat when I got up to go to the bathroom.


This is what I normally carry with me when I travel but with Nice Seats I didn’t have to wipe down my seat. I did still wipe down my table tray and armrest but it was nice to have a clean seat to sit in. I washed it when I got home and now I’m ready for my next flight. They come in different colors and I highly recommend this!

Have you heard of this before? Is this something you would use? 

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