Are You On Periscope?

periscope post

So guess what? there is yet another social media sensation and it’s called Periscope. Have you heard about it? It’s basically your own personal TV broadcast and you can talk about anything you want so guess what I talk about? Haha…travel of course!

As you know I work for an airline and I travel often so my schedule is really unpredictable so I often have “Pop-up” periscopes. What is that? It’s when I will be hit with inspiration and want to share my travel expertise with you. I could be anywhere in the world. Maybe I’ll scope from a hotel room in Spain, an apartment rental in Paris or standing in front of a monument on the other side of the world. You just never know with me!

I’d love it if you’d follow me on Periscope which will allow you to get notified when I’m live! It’s free, you get it in the app store and that’s it!

I’m still trying to figure this Periscope thing out as it’s strange for me to talk on camera. I just want to write, take pictures, and travel! But I’m adapting to this new social media and I hope you will as well.

 Have a great weekend and I’ll be back with you on Monday. 

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