15 Ways To Be An Excellent Airbnb Host

by Roni

Over the past few years, I have stayed in dozens of Airbnb’s around the world and each experience has brought something special to my trip. To be an excellent Airbnb host, you don’t have to have the most luxurious space. It’s important to know how to make people feel like they matter, especially in these Corona filled times.

airbnb host

My Airbnb in Hout Bay, South Africa.

10 ways to be an excellent Airbnb host

Let people drop off their bags

Letting guest drop off their bags, even if your previous guests haven’t left yet, is extremely important. Dragging bags around stinks and it is an easy way that you can stand out. Unless your guests are renting a car, no one wants to keep their bag with them all day until check-in.

Make check-in and check-out painless

It’s not unusual to never meet your Airbnb host if you are renting the whole apartment/home.  This has been my experience often and I have never had a problem getting the key. Make sure if you aren’t going to meet your guests that the check-in process is flawless. Give detailed and accurate descriptions of how to get the key and where to leave it upon check out. Make sure if you are giving them codes that those are correct. This is the type of lock that your guests would appreciate. 

Be Easily Reachable

If there are any issues at all, your guests need to know they can reach you immediately. If you won’t be able to answer the phone in a timely manner, let them know that ahead of time. “Hey, I won’t be able to answer my phone but if you send me a text message I will respond to you immediately.” If you can’t answer immediately, find someone to be a contact person for your guests who can.

Offer to pick up from the airport…if possible.

I have had hosts pick me up from the airport and it was such a lovely gesture! When you are arriving in a foreign country, it is truly a fantastic thing to have someone waiting for you.

This may not be possible in all cases but if you can do it your guests will greatly appreciate it. Uber isn’t always available and many times cell service isn’t accessible to travelers right when they land. Offering airport pickup is a great way to help you stand out. 

Make sure your WiFi is excellent

In today’s world, WiFi will make or break your Airbnb reviews. Make sure you have WiFi and your connection is as perfect as possible. Giving your guests access to watch Netflix or Hulu is a plus. Giving them the option to watch TV will go a long way with making sure you get your 5-star rating.

BONUS: It may sound old school, but having a DVD player and DVD’s for your guests to choose from will never hurt.

Have a book filled with helpful information, house rules, etc. 

It is very likely you know much more about your Airbnb’s local area than your guests. Putting together helpful information about the area helps your guests immensely. When there is a dedicated book listing nearby places to eat, sights to see and things to do it is a wonderful resource. Pamphlets about tourist options in the city are also a welcomed sight.

airbnb host

If they are renting a room in your home have a cabinet for them in the kitchen, a shelf for them in the fridge, and snacks welcoming them in their room.

One of the reasons people like renting rooms instead of a hotel is they have the ability to cook. It makes it so nice to have a dedicated shelf and cabinet for their personal food. It would also be nice to often them lovely cutlery to eat off of. If you get a set like this, you will have extras to use if some et lost or damaged. 

When I was a host, I left this basket filled with goodies for my guests. They loved it!


Have some breakfast options for your guests

airbnb host

my Airbnb in Chicago had breakfast for me!

I’ve rented rooms for people who had cereal, yogurt, and fruit available for me to eat in the morning. It was nothing fancy but it was a nice treat to not have to run to the grocery store as soon as I checked in. 

Make sure your place is sparkling clean

airbnb host

Horrible Airbnb in Paris. Airbnb moved and reimbursed us and paid for the rest of our stay in Paris.

I can’t stress this enough, your Airbnb must be clean. I rented one Airbnb and the house had dust balls everywhere, the window sills were dirty and there was hair on the sheets. Needless to say, we didn’t stay there and we complained to Airbnb. Your home is going to be someone else’s haven during their trip. If you aren’t an excellent cleaner, make sure to hire someone who can make your space shine.

Airbnb host

a few bathroom amenities in my Cape Town Airbnb.

Have as many amenities in your bathroom/kitchen/bedroom as possible. 

Looking to be an amazing Airbnb host? here are a few things that would make your rental pop:

Address Any Issues Immediately

If there are any issues at all, address them immediately and don’t make light of them. Of course, there are things that happen that you won’t be able to control and most reasonable people will understand that. However, the way you handle a situation will be the difference between a low and a high rating when your guests rate you. 

For a short time, I rented out my guest room and one of the things people loved was the heated tile floors in my bathroom. It was an extra touch that they didn’t expect but they always loved!

airbnb host

This is the room I rented on Airbnb. I always got 5 stars.

Leave a local dessert for your guests to try

I rented an airbnb in Bratislava with my mom, and our hostess brought us a local dessert. We didn’t like it, but we were so happy that she thought about us. It really isn’t about what was left, but the gesture was so appreciated. We gave her 5 stars.

Leave a bottle of wine with a handwritten note

As a wine drinker, I LOVE it when my hosts leave me a bottle of wine. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, because you can now buy good wine for under $10. If you leave a note along with the bottle, you will make your guests feel appreciated.

 Offer to take your guests around town and show them the sights

When I was in Cuba, only host had a friend who showed me around the city. It was wonderful to be shown around Havana by a local, and he also knew the history of the city which was history that I had never heard before. Even if you can’t provide this service, there may be someone in your circle that can. I paid $40 which was much cheaper than an organized tour and it was so much better.

Fix them breakfast

I have had hosts fix me breakfast or let me eat breakfast with them and their family. This may not work for everyone, but I was truly grateful that I was able to sit and have a meal with a local family, and it was a wonderful way to learn more about the city and country I was visiting.

I had one host in Chicago fix me tea because she knew I wasn’t feeling well. What a lovely touch! She didn’t have to do that, I could have made my own tea but not only did she make it, she brought it to me in my room! People love to feel appreciated and valued, and she did that with a bag of tea, hot water and a tray.


Go the extra mile to be an amazing Airbnb host. Your guests will thank you, recommend you, and leave you 5 stars. And knowing how to give excellent customer service is always a skill any business owner can use. If you follow these suggestions you will have a successful Airbnb rental! Are there any other tips you’d recommend? And if you will be using Airbnb for the first time, use my code and get $40 off your first rental! 

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Nailah March 2, 2019 - 5:40 pm

I’ve used AirBnbs around the world for years and you’re so right…I can remember the places that used some of your suggestions (leaving a bottle of wine, providing bathroom amenities, making check in/check out simple) and those were the ones that got my highest ratings.