10 Dope Craft Room Ideas For Your Small Space

So I’m crafty now, did you know? I now make all kinds of products, and constantly need craft room ideas. Since I’m now crafting, I’ve joined craft groups on Facebook to get inspiration. Mary, the creator of Black Girls Craft, allowed me to ask women in her group of over 125,000 women to share their craft rooms.

I’m always looking for craft room ideas from other crafters, what a better place to find beautiful rooms than from these business women/bloggers who have turned their available space into something wonderful, even if it’s a small space in their home.

As you look at the pics, you’ll see these discerning crafters have utilized many of the tips here, so some of there pics can fit with multiple tips!

10 dope craft room ideas

Bling out a wall! Highlighting a wall in your area can really make a difference. Check out how A.V. from A.V. Does What made her wall the focal point of her crafting space. You can see what she did by clicking here.  Her room isn’t small, but you can still incorporate a geometric wall in whatever space you are using to create.

2. Don’t let a small apartment stop you! 

The Diva Diaries has taken a small area and turned it into a beautiful crafting space.

Where in your home is this desk located? The desk with the camera on the top is in front of the window in my living/bedroom area. This is a makeshift craft/office space in my studio apartment. I love making iron on t-shirts, stickers and cards with my Cricut. So fun! In context my studio apartment is less than 500 square feet! The pic below is a second craft space in my kitchen.

Where is this in your kitchen? The desk with the vinyl on the wall is on the side of my kitchen in front of the refrigerator.

3. Use a closet. 

Designed By Geeks  uses her master closet as her creative space.

Is this your closet?  Yes! I didn’t have a dedicated room with a door to keep the kids and cats out. My other workspace was in the family room but this space was for crafting or working on the laptop if I needed to be alone and focus.

Where did you get those rollers for your paper/vinyl? Those are wood dowels I got from the hardware store. The hardware is also from the hardware store. (Little things for the dowels to sit in on either side.) They fit I to the pre-drilled holes in the shelving unit. The vinyl came on rolls when I bought it.

4. Use a small space inside of your home/apartment.  

Momsandcrafters has found a fab way to utilize a small space in her house.

Moms and Crafters makes great use of her small space with colorful storage bins.

“I turned a dead space the size of a small walk-in closet into a fully functional L shaped craft room. I also have a tiny area behind my living room couch that’s my computer/work space.”

“This is another small office area that is  behind my living room couch (between that and the back wall of the house). That thing under the desk is an under desk elliptical – keeps me moving a bit.”

5. Turn a bedroom into a craft room.

Anne of A Dash Of Class Printables  uses her 3rd bedroom as a closet and her crafting space. She has found a beautiful way to utilize space in her office by having tons of shelving and surrounding herself with pretty things.

 You shelving is dope. Where did you get them from?  I got them for the low on eBay! Heck, I have 3 different types of printers. I need room!

You have lots of pics/art on the wall. They are all so pretty. Did you make them or do you just like to surround yourself with beautiful things? 50% made after I realized I was giving all of my money to Marshalls and I can do the same thing myself. Im a GIRLY girl LOL so yes, all things pretty is a must.


Morgan from  Tale of Two Stitches knits, crochets, and spins yarn from her master bedroom. She has taken the master bedroom as her working area and sleeps in a 2nd bedroom.

Is the second bedroom smaller?  it is absolutely smaller. I actually picked this apartment because it has two bedrooms. Even though I live alone, I needed a designated craft space. And since moving in a year ago I’ve collected more than 400 skeins of yarn, so the space is appreciated!

Byanca from Binkie The Crafty Creative built this bookshelf along with her husband and they created a relaxing space for her to craft in their second bedroom.

I sew, embroidery, make candles, and flower pens and so much more. it’s my safe space. I call it the The Lady Cove.

Adoria has created a lovely setting in which to craft.

it’s a small space that I call my Crafting Studio. I’m and all around crafter that has been in love with crafts and the art since childhood. It’s not real unique jus cozy for me. I mostly do embroidery, crocheting, vinly and paper crafts ….but I really do it all.

is this a bedroom in your home that you made into your Crafting Studio? No it’s an all season room.My house is brick and this is like a sunporch but brick walls. The door to back yard is where curtains are hanging and three of my walls have windows.

6. Use pegboard if you have limited space. 

Angel From Love Calls has found a way to utilize space on her walls in her sewing and crafting room.

What are you using to hang everything up? I took a smaller bedroom and made it into my creative space. Color scheme is red, teal, and black. I bought some wood planks from the big box stores, cut them at angles with a mitrebox, painted them black, and glued them together to make a frame. Then I purchased some pegboard, spray painted it teal and nailed them to the frame.

I also put a piece of wood on the back of the pegboard so there would be enough clearance to hang hooks. Purchased various little baskets from the Dollar tree. I also made my diy pin/cutting board.

I purchased a large sheet of plywood from the big box stores and had it cut down to 48×36. Then tacked on some stuffing to the top of the board. After that, I wrapped some teal canvas around the board, pulled taut and used a staple gun to staple to the back of the board.

I use it to pin fabric, cut using a cutting board I place on top, or iron using a large ironing board cover.

7. Use your basement! 

Teras shows us how amazing a basement can be for a crafting space.

What is your favorite part? My favorite part is my waist high kitchen cabinets that we converted into a desk and then I hung a pegboard on the wall. If my husband ever sees the holes behind it I’m sure he will take my drill, hammer, nails and access to any funds. But I love it!!!

Guerda of NBP Designs has an amazing crafting space built in her home for her event planning business.  Most of her storage and desk are bookcases purchased at Walmart and Home Depot. The display for the ribbons are pvc pipes she put together.  

8. Use those corners! 

Shanice of Pink Sugar Shoppe uses the corner of her bedroom for her office where she makes glasses and photoshop tutorials for party planners and enthusiasts. While her corner is tiny, she has found a way to utilize her small corner to run her business. She has decorated it so that it looks like something out of a magazine, while also being completely functional.


9. Get yourself a shed!

If you have the space for it, why not get a shed? Check out Manica, who makes unique crafts from baby shower gifts to decor items in her She Shed in her backyard. It’s fully installed, drywalled and it’s basically a mini apartment.

is that sitting area in your shed? yep, that is a sitting area I made. I wanted it to feel like a loft. It is 220 sq. feet and it has a partition to separate the spaces for crafting.

The ribbon is on a pegboard that I added to the partition wall.  Dressing up the walls with peel and stick wallpaper warms the place and using task lighting for different areas.

10. Find creative ways to hold your things. 

Qadriyyah from Just That Touch creates cups, shirts, wall art, automotive decals, home decor, and party decorations in her space.

How big is your room and where did you get the holders for your vinyl? The room is a 10×8…holders are from Ikea for 1.99. They are plastic bag holders.


The baskets below are from Morgan’s room (who is featured in tip #5 above). These are from the Dollar Store and they hold her yarn. What an inexpensive yet creative way to make storage, right?


So what do you think of these creative spaces? Did you find any ideas you can use in your home? 

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